• Community College Of Rhode Island

  • Market 2020

    This market is state of the art. All roof tops have hot gas reheat de-humification including the Munters unit that has hot gas reheat de-humification. These markets are important that they have de-humification hot gas reheat because when you reach into the glass cases the glass does not fog up. Also associated with all spiral pipe duct work all exposed.

  • Honeywell

    Honeywell has built a state of the art lab with all spiral ducting and exhaust blowers on roof.

  • Greenwood Credit Union 2020

    Greenwood Credit Union has built a state of the art facility with roof tops, boilers, FPT boxes for reheat for air distribution with all registers and linear diffusers.

  • NN Dever Drive 2019

    NN Dever Drive is a manufacturing company with all roof tops starting at 50-ton and down with duct work distribution and duct sock.

  • Honeywell 2020

    Honeywell has implemented in their facility an area for the Covid-19 N95. This facility is manufacturing 10 million respirators for Covid-19 for distribution across the world.

  • Ductless Split Systems

    Ductless Split Systems